Fighting Back

A 98 year-old Beacon Hill resident escaped an attack by a neighbor last week and defended himself with vigor and strength and held out until police arrived an arrested the neighbor.

The 98 year- old was apparently in his Joy Street apartment and sleeping when his next-door neighbor, apparently intoxicated, according to Boston Police, entered his apartment and attacked him.

The older man responded by punching his attacker and pushed him out of the way. The suspect ended up in the hallway. The older man called police.

During that time, the attacker tossed a rock through the window of the older man’s apartment.

Then the police arrived.

They took into custody a 53 year- old, Thomas Michael Brown, and they charged him with assault and battery on a person over 60. He was also charged with malicious destruction.

Police reported finding outstanding warrants on Brown as well.

We are fairly amazed and discouraged at the thought of a 53 year-old Beacon Hill resident attacking a 98 year-old Beacon Hill resident.

On its face and in reality, it is such a lopsided fight that even the fact this happened as police have reported it, is extraordinary.

What type of person attacks a 98 year-old man while he’s sleeping in his bed?

This is not normal Beacon Hill behavior but that it happened goes to show, once again, that anything can happen anywhere.

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