Victorian Society in America New England Chapter to Hold Annual Preservation Awards Thursday

The Victorian Society in America New England Chapter will hold its Annual Preservation Awards ceremony at the West End Museum, 150 Staniford St., on Thursday, June 28, at 6 p.m.

The Society traditionally acknowledges groups or individuals for the restoration of a 19th century building or landscape, a book on 19th Century art, architecture or social history and a Lifetime Achievement Award to a person who has demonstrated a special dedication to the preservation movement through the years.

In commemoration of the New England Chapter’s 40th anniversary, the Society has chosen to honor four longtime members of its board of directors for their dedicated commitment to the Boston preservation community in its various forms. Recognition will be given Edward W. Gordon, 20-year president of the organization for his years of researching, teaching and leading tours of Boston Architecture; Jack Grinold, longtime enthusiast and supporter of the Victorian art and architecture in the city; Mary Melvin Petronella, editor of the newest volume of Victorian Boston Today and its 12 walking tours of Boston; and Anthony Mitchell Sammarco, for publication of more than 50 books on the history of Boston and its surrounding communities.

In addition, the National Victorian Society gave awards to Boston-based organizations this year, including the City of Boston and the Friends of the Public Garden for the restoration of the Brewer Fountain and McGinley Kalsow & Associates Inc. of Somerville for the restoration of the 1886 Provincetown Town Hall. Architectural historian and professor Marie Frank was also recognized for her biography of a Harvard educator “Denman Waldo Ross and American Design Reform.”

The evening will open with remarks from director Duane Lucia discussing the founding of the West End Museum, dedicated to the history of 19th- and 20th-century West End of Boston before its erasure as a neighborhood under the guise of Urban Renewal in the ‘50s and ‘60’s.

For reservations and information, call Peggy Clarke at 781-643-3292 or e-mail [email protected]. Admission is $15 or $10 for Victorian Society in America New England Chapter members.

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