Advent School Students’ Artwork Now on Display in JP Licks Store

January 15, 2013
Advent School Art Teacher, Saskia Vactor, stands in front of studentartwork display in JP Licks.

Advent School Art Teacher, Saskia Vactor, stands in front of student
artwork display in JP Licks.

JP Licks is the local afterschool watering hole for Advent students; and now that their artwork is on display, they’ll be stampeding to the ice cream parlor on Charles St. to behold their creations.

Two-hundred and eighteen lion-themed watercolors, crayon drawings, acrylic paintings, and ceramic sculptures were made by Advent students to commemorate their mascot.

“Lions are usually in a community and travel in prides,” says Art Teacher, Saskia Vactor. The majestic animal symbolizes the school virtues: “social justice, community, pride in our school, and having the courage to stand up for what you believe.”

Students and their parents enjoyed an artist reception with hot chocolate and cookies. The 3rd graders pounced around their classroom roaring “We’re famous!” at the news that their lion masks – made with paper, yarn, sand, and felt — are being exhibited.

A pencil sketch collage of a male lion hangs prominently on the artificial turf wall. Sixth graders picked cut-up pieces of a photograph and were instructed to enlarge it to scale without hunting around one another’s work to see what it would transform into.

“It was an abstract drawing because they had no idea what most of the mane was,” says Vactor.

Vactor hopes to show Advent students’ artwork around more local shops, the subway, and eventually the children’s wing at Mass. General Hospital.

“The Advent is community-minded. We’re starting a tradition that each 6th grader leaves a piece of art for the community.”


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