Owner Discusses Latest Design Plans at 124 Chestnut Street

The owner of 124 Chestnut St. held an informal meeting Wednesday to discuss his latest design plans for the single-family home.

Dean Stratouly, co-founder and president of Boston real-estate firm The Congress Group, said he purchased the three-story building in February with the intention of making it his personal residence before discovering significant structural deficiencies that precluded rehabilitation of the existing home. The city issued a permit for the building’s demolition and reconstruction on May 30, but the Beacon Hill Architectural Commission denied the front-elevation design at its July 18 hearing, with instruction that a replicative approach be taken.

Among the approximately 20 neighbors in attendance at last week’s meeting, the brick-red color shown in the latest façade rendering was a resounding concern, but project architect David Hasin responded that he would be willing to change the color of the brickwork to better complement its surroundings.

Steve Young, chair of the Beacon Hill Civic Association (BHCA) board of directors, said, “The meeting, which was set up by owner, was very informative. Unfortunately coming when it did in August, the attendance wasn’t as large as it would have been under other circumstances. The information provided by owner and architect and suggestions made by audience were both useful and designed to help move the project along.”

Stratouly now must secure the Architectural Commission’s approval for the building façade to proceed with the project.

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