Captain Hasson District A-1’s New Commanding Officer

Boston Police District A-1 has a new Commanding Officer, Captain James G. Hasson who was a Lieutenant in the district years ago.

Captain Hasson replaces Captain Thomas Lee who has moved on to take a Chief’s position in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

The new captain will be at the Beacon Hill Civic Association Safety Committee meeting on November 14.

This meeting which starts at 7 p.m. and is held at 74 Joy Street  would be a good opportunity to meet the new captain up close and personal and to participate in the neighborhood meeting that offers residents the opportunity to express their opinions and offer suggestions.

Police will also provide Part 1 crime statistics compiled over the past 30 days.

We have been fortunate that crime in our neighborhood has been decreasing during the last year.

Some of the credit for the decrease in crime for our neighborhood and citywide crime as a whole goes to Police Commissioner Ed Davis who left office last week after heading the Boston Police Department for more than seven years as well as his staff like Captain Tom Lee who worked continously to build trust between the police and the residents of Boston.

Beacon Hill’s crime rate has always been skewed by our proximity to the Boston Common, Downtown and Chinatown neighborhoods that are usually places for a higher than normal crime occurance.  However, the recent sexual assaults on women that took place in our neighborhood in the spring are still unsolved.  Partly as a result of these still unsolved assaults, at this same meeting, Sgt. Gary Eblan will be offering tips on how to make oneself less of a target for crime.

On behalf of the Beacon Hill Times, welcome Captain Hasson.

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