A Nice Tradition

The Esplanade Association recently held their third annual canine promenade where more than 100 dogs were on show and almost twice as many owners.

Living in the city and especially in our neighborhood, one immediately thinks that there is not enough room to have a dog.  But our neighbors show that this is not the case as the number of dogs just seem to keep increasing.  We see dogs in the run area of the Mall or in Boston Common.

We know that caring for a dog is much more of task than caring for cats.  Cats seem to be more independent and one can leave ones cat for a weekend and return home and find them just fine. This is obviously not the case for a dog as one sees dog walkers in our neighborhoods taking our four legged friends out for their daily afternoon constitutional. And this does not take into account the need for a dog to get outside either in the early hours of the morning or when the weather is at its worst.

Perhaps the greatest lesson that this event demonstrates is that our neighborhood can be home not only to children but to dogs.  That living in a city can offer not only the advantages of convenience to work and nightlife and cultural institutions but also of a quiet family life with a pet.

If Boston is to continue to thrive as a liveable city, we need families in our neighborhood.  This annual event by the Esplanade Association shows that family life, that so many of us have can remember, with a pet from our childhood, can be replicated for our children in our neighborhood.

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