Gourmet Shop Opening on Charles Street

Beacon Hillers are getting just what they wanted on Charles Street.

A shop offering cheeses and other favorite foods ranked right up on the top of the list of responses from residents when asked what stores they’d like to see there.

That message was heard by Gene and Rebecca Beraldi, owners of the Beacon Hill Wine & Spirits at 63 Charles since 2000. “We had been involved when the neighborhood opposed Capital One,” said Rebecca. “The community was very clear about what they wanted. It was great feedback.”

For some time the couple, who also own a wine and gourmet store in Melrose, had dreamed about adding a gourmet store on Beacon Hill but hadn’t been able to find a suitable location. But when the almost adjacent Nahas Shoes closed at 65 Charles Street, they knew it was the right place and the right time.

Beacon Hill Gourmet Shop will open its doors in early April. Gene will continue to run the wine and spirits store and Rebecca will manage the gourmet shop. “His is the boy’s business, mine will look like a girl’s business,” said Rebecca, who has softened the look of the 625 square foot two-level space with pale blue and white walls.

And, Rebecca, who calls herself a ‘closet foodie’ and loves to cook, will make the best use of that space. She’ll pack it with foods ranging from 25-30 artisan cheeses, fresh breads of all kinds, caviar, salsas, dips, gelato, , chocolates, nuts, spices and frozen specialties like meats (including duck), macaroni and cheeses, homemade ravioli, appetizers and a whole lot more. Because the shop does not have a kitchen, prepared foods are not among the offerings.

She finds food vendors that haven’t yet hit the big markets like Whole Foods. Most of what she purchases is fresh and local, like mascarpone burrata from Somerville, creamy goat cheese and toasted walnut dip from Concord, smoked bluefish pate from Nantucket, sausages from Malden and frozen specialties like roasted winter squash and sage ravioli from Malden

There also will be a tabletop section, featuring dishware and platters suitable for entertaining, as well as bake and cookware.

Feedback is important to Rebecca. “I am always looking for new products,” said Rebecca. “I will put everything out there and if people like it, I’ll keep it there. If not, I’ll change it up.”

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