Our Prayers Are with Mayor Menino

The news last week that former Mayor Tom Menino once again is engaged in a battle with cancer brought a great deal of sadness to everybody in the Boston community.

There never has been a mayor of Boston who earned the universal respect of people from all walks of life as did Mayor Menino. Tom Menino exuded a sincerity and devotion to the people of Boston that never has been equaled. He was a straight shooter who always said what he thought and did what he said, a man whose honesty and integrity never have been questioned.

Moreover, he was a unique politician who truly believed — truly believed — that his principal task in office was to improve the lives of others, both collectively and on an individual basis. He exemplified the ideal described by the poet Wordsworth:

“That best portion of a man’s life,

his little, nameless,

unremembered acts

of kindness and love.”

We know that Tom Menino, with his wife Angela by his side, will face this new challenge head-on. He never was one to duck a fight when he knew he was right and we know this will be no exception. We have no doubt that the Mayor will summon his usual inner reservoir of faith to fight this battle with strength and dignity.

We know we join with the hundreds of thousands of our fellow Bostonians in offering our prayers on his behalf and wishing the Mayor a full and speedy recovery.

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