Farmers’ Market Proposed For Hill

On Wednesday, April 16th, a presentation will be given at the Hill House Boston Community Center, proposing a new neighborhood farmers’ market in Beacon Hill. The presentation will be conducted by Colin Kreik and Casey Fox, two Bostonian and Beacon Hill residents who will be joint managing the farmers’ market.

The two managers will give an overview of the entire operation including site planning, logistics, public relations, connecting with the local community, and their overall philosophy on jump starting the market. They will also be speaking on behalf of the community groups and local businesses they are working with to date, and how they see this market impacting the future of the neighborhood and city as a whole.

Both managers invite any and all interested in attending to voice support, suggestions, or concerns in starting the neighborhood market, prior to submitting their application through City Hall. The meeting will be an opportunity to engage with members of the community, particularly the residents of the neighborhood whose opinions will be valued significantly. Following the presentation, there will be a question and answer session.

Wednesday, April 16th, at 6:30pm

Hill House Boston Community Center

127 Mount Vernon Street

Boston, MA 02108

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