Beacon Hill Garden Club Hosts a Special Event Thursday

We welcome the opportunity to remind our readers about a very special event, the 85th “Hidden Garden Tour of Beacon Hill” that is scheduled for this Thursday, May 15.

This is one of the most anticipated events of the year in our neighborhood. As Amy Wilson, communications chair for the Garden Club, told the Beacon Hill Times for a story last week, “The tour gives people an excuse to visit the neighborhood…and it’s a great day for Beacon Hill to put its best foot forward.”

And in a new component to this year’s event, the Garden Club is partnering with other organizations and businesses for the event, including the Beacon Hill Business Association, New England Home Magazine, and paint and wallpaper manufacturer Farrow and Ball.

Beacon Hill is known far and wide as one of the nation’s most historic neighborhoods. With its beautiful homes and interesting stores, Beacon Hill is a must-visit for tourists on their trips to Boston. People come from all over the world to view Beacon Hill and admire its historical and architectural splendor.

The Hidden Gardens Tour will showcase another bright and exciting aspect of our neighborhood – its distinctive, picturesque, and well-manicured gardens, some of which aren’t visible from the street.

We encourage people to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity that is being presented to us by the Beacon Hill Garden Club. And we thank the group for making this event possible each year.

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