Beacon Hill Art Walk

Inside a hidden courtyard was a gallery of vibrant paintings where Catherine Blais hung her floral pieces. Her twin daughters and husband accompanied her and barbequed while their Dalmatian sat wishfully hoping for a treat. Across the alley a string quartet performed in a garden.

On June 1, people strolled through the quiet, narrow alleys and courtyards of the North Slope to enjoy the photographs, paintings, pottery, and sculptures of 100 artists during the Beacon Hill Art Walk. Musicians volunteered to perform in four locations throughout the walk, following the sun to guide them to a special spot to set up their instruments.

“It’s a whole bunch of local artists who are in people’s private backyards, courtyards, and alleyways,” said Jenn Matson, photographer. “You get to walk around and see all these neat spaces. All the work is original and handmade.”

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