The Boston Children’s School Looks Forward to Golden Anniversary

Kids at play at The Boston Children’s School playground.

Kids at play at The Boston Children’s School playground.

As it approaches the half-century mark, The Boston Children’s School remains committed to its original mission of bringing the joy of learning to children. Established in 1965, The Boston Children’s School is located at 8 Whittier Place in Charles River Park in the historic West End.  Enrollment is open to children starting at 2.9 years of age and continuing through pre-school and kindergarten. Children at the school are divided into age-appropriate classes. The school is staffed by full-time, certified teachers. Each classroom has a ratio of one teacher to approximately eight children, which allows for teachers to know the children and their families very well.

“I think with small teacher-to-child ratios, teachers have a better understanding of the children they teach,” said Judy Langer, director of The Boston Children’s School. “They get to know their children really well, and can identify their strengths and weaknesses.”

Judy added, “Our small teacher-student ratio helps our teaching staff to individualize a creative curriculum, including reading and math readiness programs, for our children.”

Judy said the school’s approach to education adheres to the Massachusetts core-curriculum standards, with an emphasis on cognitive developmental learning. Students are introduced to math and reading readiness at a young age and continue to develop their aptitudes in those areas throughout their time at the school. In addition to the regular Boston Children’s School classroom teachers, the school also offers additional educational staff, including specialists in the areas of Spanish, sign language, music, drama, gymnastics and woodworking.

The diverse student population at The Boston Children’s School also allows children to forge friendships with fellow pupils from the neighborhoods of Boston and beyond.

“We have an international population of children,” Judy said. “We’re fortunate to have families from not only all over the city, but from all over the world.”

In addition to individual classrooms for each age group, the school has a self-contained, private playground that adjoins the school, which allows children to have fun outdoors, away from the noise and congestion of the city streets.

“The Boston Children’s School is an oasis in the City of Boston,” Judy said. “Although we are nestled away from the highways and streets of the city, we still utilize the city for field trips and participate in many diverse activities that highlight the cultures that make up the City of Boston.”

For more information on The Boston Children’s School, visit the B.C.S. Web site at

Http:// or call 617-367-6239 and speak with Judy Langer.

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