Letter to the Editor

Neighbors remember        John W. Sears

Mr. Sears died early this morning, Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 4,  in his 84th year. He probably would have considered that bad timing, since he never ever missed casting his ballot on Election Day.

                He was our neighbor for over 30 years, generously sharing his legendary knowledge of facts and lore about Massachusetts, Beacon Hill and Acorn Street.

                Born in Boston into a family often called “Brahmin”, he graduated from St. Marks, Harvard College, and Harvard Law School. He had a great sense and experience of being able to initiate change, leading him to be active in church, the Republican Party and government. He held offices as state representative, sheriff, and as head of the Massachusetts Metropolitan Commission (now MDC). His active social life, not slowing down much in his later years, meant that you were sure to meet him at many social and neighborhood events.

                He lived life to the fullest, every day, until his last morning today. At the news of his death, we neighbors recounted him handing out candy on Halloween, the previous Friday evening, and seeing him at the store even one day earlier, only relying on a walking stick.

                Most recently, he was working on his personal and family papers – possible another reason he would have considered his time of death inconvenient and premature.  Clearly, we share the sentiment!

Mr. Charles C. and

Dr. Karin A. Dumbaugh

Acorn Street

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