TEA Receives Award

On Tuesday, Nov.18, The Esplanade Association was honored with the Helmsman Award at Community Boating Inc.’s annual “Raise the Sails Gala.”

 Community Boating Inc. presented the award to the Esplanade Association in recognition of their commitment to the good stewardship of Boston’s Charles River Esplanade and their support of “Sailing for All.”

The Esplanade Association’s Executive Director Tani Marinovich accepted the award on behalf of the association and thanked Community Boating for this prestigious recognition, as well as for being a valued partner through the years.

In 2014, The Esplanade Association’s work included the Eliot Memorial Revitalization, which was completed this summer and helped to create a new small gathering area at the entrance to Community Boating, Inc. The Esplanade Association has most recently begun the Hatch Shell Oval Restoration Project, which is currently under construction and expected to be completed this December. The organization also employs a full-time horticulturist, runs a volunteer program in the park, hosts free summer fitness classes and runs a summer camp for children with limited access to green space.

            As they look to 2015, The Esplanade Association’s new “Go Blue” initiative will focus on water and helping to strengthen the park ecosystem while reducing waste and preventing air, water and soil pollution. The group also looks forward to a continued partnership with Community Boating.

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