Letter to the Editor

Commenting on the recent article on disruption or consequences

Dear Editor:

As an individual requiring door to door transportation service during the work week, I will share with you my six month Uber experience with that of the local cab companies.

 1)  An Uber X vehicle is a comparable model to that of a taxi cab, but that is the only comparison.

2) Uber vehicles are significantly cleaner with ample space for three passengers and if needed, a fourth in the front seat.

3) The absence of a protective screen on the back of the front seat in an Uber vehicle encourages conversation between passenger and driver, albeit occasionally limited by a language barrier.

4) Immediately after an Uber driver acknowledges your request, you know their name, customer rating, cell phone number, vehicle type and waiting time, thus creating a personal experience.

5)  Unlike taxi cab drivers, Uber drivers are polite, well groomed and very professional.

6) A two way Uber trip for me is generally $5.00 less than a taxi cab.

7) Because of heavy traffic an Uber trip may be somewhat more expensive through what is referred to as surge pricing.

8) When I arrive at my destination, I no longer need to swipe my credit card or hand over a $20.00 bill for a $10.00 fare (tip included), wondering if the cabbie has the necessary change.

9) I simply thank and wish the driver a pleasant day (he or she does the same) and exit the vehicle.

10)   Because of limited experience, Uber drivers are not familiar with Boston streets, thus requiring either faulty GPS service or personal guidance during the trip.

11)   Other than through its website, you’re not able to communicate with Uber.

12)   While a female friend of mine will not sign up for Uber because of recently publicized incidents, I recommend the service to you

 One morning a cab driver I knew from prior trips, realizing I was about to enter an Uber vehicle and not his, became hostile, cursed me and the Uber driver, while pounding on the hood of the Uber automobile.  I quickly stated to the cab guy the comments above.  His profanity increased.  I have a message for all taxi cab companies.  Come join us in the 21st century.

 Richard J. Kennedy

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