Esplanade Association Paves the Way for Spring

A Cleared Walkway on the Esplanade

A Cleared Walkway on the Esplanade

It’s no secret that Boston is a city that loves to run.

Even now, in the dead of winter, many runners are heading outside and braving the elements, whether it be to train for the iconic Boston Marathon or simply get out and stretch their legs. This winter in particular with its historic snowfall has posed a great obstacle for even the most dedicated runners.  Despite city officials doing their best, the continuous snow has left many streets and sidewalks covered or unsafe for running.

Thanks to the work of The Esplanade Association and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) staff, the Charles River Esplanade has been one of the few places that dedicated runners can go to encounter safe and consistently clear miles of pathways. As home to Boston’s most used running paths, the Esplanade remains heavily used throughout the year and is relied on by runners in and around the city.

“At The Esplanade Association, we are always amazed and inspired to see how many people run on the Esplanade regardless of the weather,” said Tani Marinovich, executive director. “It is a true testament to the dedication and tenacity of the Boston community and our runners.”

Beginning last year, The Esplanade Association Friends Council even decided to change their winter fundraiser theme to “The Final Stretch,” a party to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring, running and Marathon season in Boston.  In addition to being a night to reconnect, socialize and celebrate, “The Final Stretch” raises valuable funds for The Esplanade Association’s work to care for and improve the park.  This work includes ensuring that the park paths remain beautiful and safe for the millions of bikers, walkers and runners who use it each year.

“The Final Stretch” sold out last year, something the organization believes was largely due to the enthusiasm of the community around the theme.

“Last year was our first year ever to sell out a winter fundraiser,” Marinovich said. “It was really amazing to see how excited our committee members and attendees were around not just the park, but what it represents to the city.”

This year’s “Final Stretch” party will be held on Thursday, March 5, at the Back Bay Social Club (located along the final stretch of the Boston Marathon). The party is open to all runners and non-runners alike who are ready to celebrate and stretch their legs after a long winter.

To attend and support the park, visit

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