37 Trees Slated for Removal as Part of Longfellow Bridge Rehab

Thirty-seven trees are slated for removal as part of the ongoing rehabilitation of the Longfellow Bridge, state officials said.

White-Skanska-Consigli, the project contractor, has begun the final phase of tree removals to prepare for construction of the new pedestrian bridge connecting the Charles River Esplanade with Charles Circle, and to accommodate construction activities in Cambridge and at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary parking lot.

Besides one tree already removed between the pedestrian bridge and Mugar Way off-ramp from Storrow Drive, the contractor anticipated taking down the remainder of the trees beginning the first week of October. In all, 34 trees in the vicinity of the existing pedestrian bridge on the Esplanade will be removed, one in the LAZ parking lot for the hospital and two within the project construction fencing in Cambridge.

For more information, visit the project Web site at www.mass.gov/massdot/longfellowbridge.

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