Increase in Stolen or Missing Drugs

Outlined in a new State Department of Public Health report, opioid pills and other prescription pills have been missing or stolen from hospitals and clinics across the state at a 15 percent increase over all of last year.

The jump in the report could be a trend as addicts continue to seek these pills, desperate to get their hands on these drugs. There are also home invasions by addicts to obtain these drugs as well.

Liberal prescribing of opioids is basically routine, affecting the availability of them on the black market.

Governor Charlie Baker has proposed a plan that would limit first-time opioid prescriptions to just a 72-hour supply which is a positive move and hopefully his legislation is passed.

The Governor’s bill has significant support from sheriffs from eight counties, district attorneys and Mayor Martin Walsh.

An estimated 680 fatal overdoses have been logged through the first six months of this year. That’s more than people who have died from automobile accidents and gun wounds combined this year in the Bay State.

            Some consider a 72-hour supply for first-time prescriptions a good idea and maybe the legislature will cut back hours. However, more or less, actions need to be taken on this bill as soon as possible.

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