Walsh to Appoint members to One in 3 Council

Story by Marianne Salza

A new committee of young adults will soon be appointed to Mayor Marty Walsh’s ONEin3 Council. The motivated group of millennials (individuals born between the 1980s to the early 2000s) will be entrusted with creating, planning, and implementing projects and programs that impact the lives of 20-34-year-olds in Boston.

“I developed an attachment to the city and an understanding of the civic landscape here,” said Erin Santhouse, Manager of the ONEin3 Initiative. “I became very passionate and was excited about bringing that to other people, especially young people who may not feel as connected to the city as they could be. There are a lot of resources in place for them.”

Over one-third of Boston’s population is between the ages of 20-34, the highest demographic of young adults in any major city in America. Established in 2004, the ONEin3 Council connects the city’s young adults with local resources and networks pertaining to housing, financial and professional development, civic engagement, and business management.

“We’re trying to create an access point for people looking to get involved and make change on issues they are passionate about,” said Santhouse, who received a Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University in 2013, and is currently pursuing her M.B.A. from Suffolk University.

The ONEin3 Council is a diverse group of innovative people who live in 20 different Boston neighborhoods. They participate in monthly meetings, developing ways to enhance life in the city.  Although Santhouse will be providing them with goals, she would like the incoming Council to help set the agenda, work on civic advocacy, attend city meetings, and become involved in local initiatives.  “We want to be the connecting piece so they are able to access city government and the tools available to them to really engage with that process,” Santhouse said. “The Council has been tasked with raising money, social media campaigns, and bringing attention to members of the demographic living all over the city.”

The ONEin3 Council represents every Boston neighborhood, with members from various industries and perspectives who can advocate for the topics that matter most to their communities.

“We’re hoping to involve all interested parties who want to be involved in ONEin3,” said Santhouse. “We want them to be able to contribute to the projects and programming, to attend meetings, and be able to hear speakers.” To learn more about how ONEin3 enriches the City of Boston for young adults visit the website at at www.ONEin3Boston.com.

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