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City Hall Plaza and Delaware North

Dear Editor:

I read – with great apprehension – that Delaware North has been chosen to “spruce up” City Hall Plaza.

I assume all those associated with designating Delaware North know that it’s the former concessionaire at Yosemite National Park. DN claims it now owns the names “Ahwahnee Hotel” and other iconic place names in the valley that had been under the auspices of the park since it was created.

These claims have incensed people (like me, who started going to Yosemite with my grandfather in about 1948). The greed and hubris is stunning.

So we better be sure we have a lock on the name “City Hall Plaza” because it could be lost….

Carol Ann Lundquist

One more addition

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed reading Karen’s article in Beacon Hill Times about meal kits. I was dying to tell her about Just Add Cooking as they are local, and then got to the end of the article and saw that she found them.

I live on Myrtle Street in Beacon Hill and I have used Just Add Cooking since last summer. It works really well for me as I live in the same building as a store, and they are nice enough to accept my box if I am not home. Maybe you can ask a store nearby if they can deliver there? Or maybe even to the UPS store? I can also open my front door with my cell phone (the delivery guy calls the code on my call box and it rings to my cell phone where I can open so they can put the box in my lobby).

The food keeps for many hours as the perishables are packed in a special bag and with biodegradable & leakproof ‘ice’ packs. The only thing I need at home is salt, pepper and oil. Everything else comes packaged perfectly measured out. So easy. So far, nothing has been missing.

I love their recipes and that they are local. All meals are so tasty and easy to follow. Nothing has taken more than 30 minutes to prepare.

I don’t use them every week and I find it really easy to  cancel a week. You get an email every week as a reminder and then you can go to the site and choose your meals (they offer 7 and I only need 3 so there is always a nice choice), and I can cancel weeks far in advance (or  by Wednesday the same week).

I am not a big cook but now I feel like one.

Gisela Nilsson

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