Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor:

Thanks for your article on the grand opening of the White Fountain.

Two days after the grand opening, I proposed to Kelly Warwick by the “Angel,” on the spot where my grandfather proposed to my grandmother back in the late ’20s. My grandfather lived on Joy Street at the time and was attending Boston University School of Theology, before it relocated to Commonwealth Avenue. They were married in 1930. The “Angel” is much older now, but she looks great and is still working her magic. Ms. Warwick accepted, and we are to be married next week at the Church of the Advent.

My family surely is grateful to the Friends of the Public Garden.

Montgomery Link

Charles Street


Dear Editor:

Thank you to Downtown View for drawing attention to the disgraceful way the state has treated Paul Rudolph’s beautiful building on Cambridge Street. It is a scandal that degrades the neighborhood and our state. A grand piece of architecture we should be preserving is allowed to decay. Years ago the state wanted to sell it and have the buyer restore it, turning it into a hotel. Maybe that would have been a good idea.

But now we have our Fence! For the next month the Esplanade will be fenced off from the Hatch Shell to Charles Circle, closing the largest area nearest to Beacon Hill residents. This ugly intrusion is because the area is needed for preparations for the 4th of July. Hard to believe this much space is needed so far in advance. The area can only really comfortably be used 4 months a year, so to lose so much for so long is rediculous. Like in the past, this area is also draped in an ugly black cloth, reminding me of “gilding the lily.” My question is—what can be done to stop this pollution and land grab?

Roger Mulford

Pinckney Street

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