Students Return to Boston as Summer Comes to its End

By Beth Treffeisen

September 1, for many in the City means it is time to pack up and move into new apartments. Across the downtown neighborhoods of Beacon Hill and the Back Bay, many movers dealt with moving belongings for the new school year up numerous flights of stairs and driving U-Haul’s around tight corners.

For many of the professional movers, the morning was just the start of a rather hectic day.

As one mother, Karen Graziano said, “This is the last time!” after moving her daughter a MIT graduate student once again from Cambridge to the Back Bay.

Further down on Beacon Street, Peter Russo was seen with his mother Allison moving furniture into a mini-van.

“I’m moving to Hemenway Street,” said Russo. “I go to Berklee College of Music and it’s a lot closer.”

On Beacon Hill, most streets remained empty, but a few like S. Russell Street was filled with unwanted furniture and trash as new tenants moved in.

Charlie Duprey was seen taking a break outside, and said that he was making the leap from Cambridge to Beacon Hill with his roommate. The reason being, “the commute was too long.”

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