Parks Department to Remove and Replace 34 Dead or Unhealthy Trees in Neighborhood

The Boston Parks Department will begin removing 34 unhealthy or dead trees throughout the neighborhood this month, which will be replaced with new trees this fall or in the spring of 2019.

According to the city, the list include five trees each on Cambridge and Temple streets; three each on Charles and South Russell streets; two each on Hancock, Mount Vernon, Myrtle streets; and one tree a piece on Anderson, Beacon, Chestnut, Irving, Phillips, Pinckney, Revere, River, Walnut and West Cedar streets.

“We thank the Parks Department for continuing to maintain the urban tree canopy on Beacon Hill by removing dead and sick trees and replacing them with new, healthy ones,” said Miguel Rosales, who co-chairs the Beacon Hill Civic Association Tree and Civic Beautification Committee with John Corey.

To learn the exact locations of trees slated for removal, contact the BHCA office at 617-227-1922.


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