Esplanade Mural Experiences Major Vandalism; Repair Costs Unknown

The revered and critically acclaimed Patterned Behavior art mural on the Charles River Esplanade experienced a

The Murals on the Esplanade pillars were victim of vandalism. The Esplanade Association is assessing the cost of repairs.

significant amount of vandalism sometime overnight on Thursday, Sept. 20 into Friday, September 21, according to the Esplanade Association.

The mural, which has been installed beneath the Bowker Overpass on the Esplanade since July 2017, was commissioned by the Esplanade Association working in partnership with Now + There, MassDOT, and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. The Esplanade Association commissioned local artist Silvia Lopez Chavez to install the work on three pillars and an adjacent wall at the intersection of the Emerald Necklace and Charles River Esplanade, along Storrow Drive.

“We’re devastated that someone would choose to vandalize what has become a popular, uplifting and colorful addition to the Esplanade,” said Michael Nichols, executive director of the Esplanade Association. “We’re working with Now + There and Ms. Lopez Chavez to assess the cost of repairs to the artwork, and we hope to restore the work as soon as possible.”

A police report has been filed with the Massachusetts State Police, who maintain jurisdiction over criminal activities on the Esplanade. The Esplanade Association encourages members of the public with information about the vandalism to contact the Massachusetts State Police.

The Esplanade Association has started a GoFundMe page at to help cover the expense of restoring the mural and preserving it through the rest of its commission, which currently is set to expire in July 2019.

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