Another Sign of Climate Change

“Historically catastrophic” flooding is the description of what has been happening across our nation’s Midwestern Plains states this past week, thanks to a combination of heavy snows and unseasonably cold weather followed by unusually heavy rains.

When most of us think of climate change, images of rising sea levels and fearsome hurricanes that threaten our densely-populated coastal cities are what come to our minds.

But this past week’s unprecedented events in the heart of our nation’s bread basket should make all of us realize that no place on earth is safe from the devastating effects of climate change, which are accelerating at a rate faster than even the most-dire models had predicted.

It should be clear to all of us by now that whatever the costs may be of implementing green energy measures, they will be far outweighed by the costs of the devastation caused by the forces of nature that await us if we do not change our ways immediately.

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