Area A-1 Sees Slight Drop in Part One Crime This Year

As the first quarter of 2020 was drawing to a close, Area A-1 had seen a 2-percent drop in violent and property crime from the pre­vious year.

According to Boston Police, 470 incidents of Part One crime were reported in the district, which includes Beacon Hill, Chinatown Downtown and the North End, between Jan. 1 and March 29 of this year, compared with 481 during the same time­frame in 2019.

No homicides were reported this year or last while rapes and attempted rapes were down near­ly 67 percent as the number of incidents fell to three from nine in 2019.

Robberies and attempted rob­beries, in contrast, saw a 133-per­cent spike as the number of inci­dents climbed to 35 from 15 last year.

The rate of domestic aggravat­ed assaults increased four-fold as the number shot up to eight from two in 2019, while non-domestic aggravated assaults saw a slight uptick, climbing to 58 incidents from 53 last year.

Commercial burglaries shot up nearly 67 percent as the num­ber jumped to 25 from 15 last year; residential burglaries were down around 23 percent, with 10 incidents this year, compared to 13 in 2019; and other burglaries dropped from three to none this year.

Incidents of larceny from a motor vehicle climbed more than 13 percent as the number jumped to 51 from 45 in 2019, as opposed to incidents of other larceny, which were down nearly 16 percent as the number dropped to 265 from 314 last year.

Auto theft was up 25 percent, with 15 incidents in 2020, com­pared to 12 last year.

Citywide, Part One crime was down 2 percent as the number of incidents fell to 3,536 from 3,626 in 2019.

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