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Civic Association chair weighs in on the aftermath of Sunday night’s


Dear Editor,

The Beacon Hill Civic Association strongly supports the right of the protesters Sunday evening to speak out about their desire for justice, equality and accountability, and to demonstrate peaceably in support of those goals.  We ourselves have a long history of peaceful social activism dating back almost one hundred years.

We were saddened, however, to awaken Monday morning to discover the damage that occurred Sunday night to businesses and residences within our historic Beacon Hill neighborhood, although – thankfully – the damage was limited to only some broken windows and graffiti sprayed on buildings, all of which can be repaired or cleaned off.  Unfortunately, some of the damage to the nearby monuments on Boston Common was more extensive.  

While the vast majority of protesters that came into our neighborhood demonstrated peaceably, some instigators that came along with them caused damage and, unfortunately, undermined the peaceful demonstrators’ message of justice and humanity. But the demonstrators’ message still came through.  

One protest sign that remained on Beacon Street on Monday morning in Beacon Hill said:  ”Stand for Love, Stand for Peace, Stand for Unity.”  That’s something everyone can get behind.

Robert A. Whitney,

Chair, Beacon Hill

Civic Association

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