Letter to the Editor

An Open Letter to the Boston City Council

To the Editor,

I am concerned that Gov. Charlie Baker is considering rolling back for all of Massachusetts when positive case count for our area (Back Bay, Beacon Hill, West End, North End and Downtown) continues to be at around 10 positive cases per week. This is from the data that the Boston Public Health Commission publishes each Monday. Our small businesses and restaurants will have difficulty if they are forced to have further restrictions.

The main issue continues to be the uncontrolled spread and deaths in nursing homes. Seventy percent of the 530 deaths in July were in nursing homes. There are currently 12 people in MGH so our capacity at our hospitals is under control.

Will you please consider advocating for “smart” shutdowns within your district and all of Boston if necessary, and only close those businesses that have a link to a case temporarily? Our stores and restaurants in Beacon Hill and Back Bay have been very respectful of the parameters in place. It would be unfortunate to place any further restrictions on them at this point.

Diana Coldren

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