MassDevelopment Announces $310,000 Funding for Real Estate Technical Assistance

MassDevelopment is pleased to announce the availability of up to $310,000 in funding through its Real Estate  Technical Assistance program. Through a combination of in-house expertise and contracts with consultants, under this program MassDevelopment works with municipal officials, planners, local stakeholders, and others to address site-specific and district-wide economic development challenges. Awards will range from approximately $5,000 to $50,000 and can support a range of projects, from feasibility studies to master planning efforts.

“Through MassDevelopment’s Real Estate Technical Assistance program, we deploy our in-house expertise and partnerships with top consultants to help cities and towns across the Commonwealth tackle their planning and development projects,” said MassDevelopment President and CEO Lauren Liss. “We encourage our local partners to apply for this targeted assistance as they pursue plans to leverage assets, build housing, create jobs, and more.” 

The full Request for Proposals is available at Responses are due by September 4.

Created in 2017, MassDevelopment’s Real Estate Technical Assistance program has awarded $942,000 to help 26 communities advance their economic development goals through 27 projects. MassDevelopment, the state’s finance and development agency, works with businesses, nonprofits, banks, and communities to stimulate economic growth. During FY2019, MassDevelopment financed or managed 316 projects generating investment of more than $2 billion in the Massachusetts economy. These projects are estimated to create or support 9,743 jobs and build or preserve 1,992 housing units

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