Public Garden Lagoon Drained

The Boston Parks and Recreation Department began draining the Public Garden Lagoon last week after its bacteria-laden water had become unsafe for wildlife and at least 20 ducks reportedly died there.

In addition to the unusually hot, dry weather this summer, which has stimulated bacteria and algae growth, the Swan Boats are on hold this year, along with their paddle wheels, which introduce oxygen into the Lagoon and create turbulence that discourages unwanted growth there, according
to the city.

The drained Public Garden Lagoon.

Throughout the month of July, the city engaged a lake and pond management company to test and treat the Lagoon. But when that resulted in little improvement, the decision was made to fully drain the Lagoon before removing the sediment at its bottom and refilling it.

The Lagoon should be full again by the weekend of Aug. 28, the city said.

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