Beacon Hill Voters Support Sen. Markey, Goldstein in Primary

Like voters throughout Massachusetts’s 7th Congressional District, Beacon Hill showed its support for Sen. Edward J. Markey in his victory over challenger, Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III in the Sept. 1 Democratic Primary.

The incumbent Sen. Markey garnered 55.5 percent of the ballot, or 662,081 votes district-wide, while Rep. Kennedy trailed with 44.5 percent, or 530,430 votes with nearly 91 percent of precinct reporting, according to the state’s unofficial election results. While Boston’s unofficial election results were unavailable at press time, Beacon Hill voters reportedly favored Sen. Markey over Rep. Kennedy in the race as well.

The race’s outcome also apparently signals the end of a political dynasty since no member of the Kennedy family had ever previously lost an election in Massachusetts while Markey, now 74 with 36-plus years of service, continues his run as the longest-tenured House member ever elected to the Senate.

State Rep. Jay Livingstone said, “Senator Markey had a decisive victory in the state and on Beacon Hill. He ran a tremendous grassroots campaign, and I was proud to support him. It reflects that regardless of your age, having the right message and putting together the right organization is key. His focus on addressing the climate crisis inspired thousands of young people to volunteer for his campaign and really drove the energy behind his campaign, and it was great to be a part of it.”

Of Sen. Markey’s challenger, Livingstone said, “While Joe Kennedy had a disappointing night, I expect he’ll recover and continue to be a positive voice in Massachusetts politics.”

City Councilor Kenzie Bok, who endorsed Sen. Markey in the race and previously served as chair of the Ward 5 Democratic Committee, which represents Beacon Hill, as well as Back Bay and the Fenway, wrote: “I think that Senator Markey has demonstrated the policy leadership and commitment we need to tackle our biggest challenges right now, for the country and the planet, and I was very pleased to see our area support him in such large numbers.”

The current chair of the Ward 5 Democratic Committee, Sharon Durkan, wrote: “Senator Markey overcame the odds last night because he offered a progressive vision for our Commonwealth and nation, at a time when we are looking for progressive leadership and bold action on building a sustainable future. Tuesday night’s election was just the beginning of a movement, and we were proud to make the case for Senator Markey’s reelection in our community.” 

In the race for the 8th Congressional District, the incumbent, Rep. Stephen Lynch garnered around 67 percent, or 105,489 ballots cast, while Dr. Robbie Goldstein, a political newcomer and infectious disease expert at Mass General Hospital, trailed district-wide with 33 percent, or 52,745 votes with nearly 95 percent of precincts reporting, according to the unofficial results. Despite his overall loss, Dr. Goldstein was reportedly favored in the election by Beacon Hill voters.

“Robbie Goldstein ran an effective campaign as a progressive challenger to Stephen Lynch, and his message resonated strongly on Beacon Hill but didn’t as much throughout the Congressional district,” Rep. Livingstone said. “And it was, I’m sure, a very difficult decision for Goldstein to stop campaigning and use his skills as an infection diseases expert at Mass General during this crisis. But I think we all benefitted from that decision for him to put aside his campaign for a time to focus on the pandemic, but it made it incredibly for him to win.”

Durkan also echoed her support for Dr. Goldstein as an emerging voice in politics and wrote: “Robbie Goldstein is a new voice we look forward to hearing more from in the coming years. He made a persuasive case as a first time candidate despite the challenges of an unprecedented pandemic. We look forward to what is undoubtedly a bright future in politics, and advocacy.”

In the race for Governor’s Council 6th District, Terrence Kennedy, a practicing attorney of 37 years who was elected to the seat in 2010, garnered around 54 percent of the vote, or 84,472 ballots cast, district-wide with 95 precincts reporting, according to unofficial results, while Helina Fontes, a mental health program-director, trailed with 46 percent, or 72,086 ballots cast. The election results for Beacon Hill for this race weren’t available at press time.

“Congratulations to Terrence Kennedy for winning his race,” Rep. Livingstone said. “He has been one of most effective councilors for securing positions for progressive voices in our judiciary and other appointed positions, and I’m pleased that he will be able to continue in that role.”

Rep. Livingstone added, “I think Miss Fontes ran a great race, and I expect to see her to continue to be involved in Massachusetts politics.”

Durkan also extended her congratulations to Terrence Kennedy on winning his reelection in a highly competitive race.

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