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Virus Infection Rates Not Broken Down by Neighborhood

To the Editor,

The Aug. 27 Article “COVID-19 update for Beacon Hill” incorrectly states that the infection rate for Beacon Hill has risen 8.7 percent. Unfortunately, the Boston Public Health commission lumps Beacon Hill COVID data with the North End, Back Bay, West End and Downtown. It is not possible to calculate any COVID data for only Beacon Hill. There have been less than 16 positive cases per week for all of the combined neighborhoods over the past month. Therefore, even a 10-percent increase results in less than two more people in all of these neighborhoods testing positive compared to the previous week.  I have requested the breakdown for each these neighborhoods on July 3 and have not heard back from the BPH department. The State Department of Health has responded to say they do not have that data.

Diana Coldren

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