Beacon Hill Architectural Commission

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday, September 17, 2020, at 5 p.m. The meeting will be held virtually.

• Design Review APP # 20.0189 BH 40 Charles Street

• Proposed Work: Install new storefront signage and window decals.

APP # 20.0190 BH 88 Mount Vernon Street

• Proposed Work: Replace four, 6 over 6, wood windows and two, 4 over 4 wood windows, for a total of five windows in unit 22 facing Willow Street, with new wood windows with the same pane configuration. Remove existing storm windows on these windows.

APP # 20.0191BH 89 West Cedar Street

• Proposed Work: Replace existing roof deck in the same dimensions. The roof deck is being removed in order to repair the roof.

APP # 20.0192 BH 66 Chestnut Street*

• Proposed Work: At rear el, visible from Branch Street, Replace four, 4 over 4, wood windows, three 6 over 6 wood windows, three, 1 over 1 wood windows, one, 10 over 10 wood,

APP # 20.0193 BH 75 Chestnut Street*

• Proposed Work: At front and side façade level four, replace five, wood 6 over 6, wood windows with five, 6 over 6 wood, single hung windows.

APP # 20.0194 BH 11 Irving Street*

• Proposed Work: Install security gate at entrance to front door.

• Administrative

• APP # 20.0195 BH   65 Anderson Street: Repoint brownstone lintels and columns.

APP # 20.0196 BH  68 Beacon Street: At side façade, remove brick in order to access internal plumbing. Once completed, Rebuild brick wall using existing bricks and match mortar joints.

APP # 20.0197 BH   23 Brimmer Street #3: At front façade level 3, replace 2 non-historic 2 over 2 wood windows with like replacements. At rear façade level 3, replace 1, non-historic, 2 over 2, wood window with like replacements.

APP # 20.0198 BH  78 Charles Street: At front façade repaint door and surround and windows to match existing BM HC-36 Hepple white Ivory.

 APP # 20.0199 BH  30 Chestnut Street: Rebuilt Chimney in kind.

APP # 20.0200  BH 82 Chestnut Street At Chestnut Street side level three, replace non-historic 6 over 1 wood windows in kind and at Chestnut Street Façade, replace one 10 over 1 wood windows at Charles Street façade level four, replace five, wood, 6 over 6, wood windows with five, 6 over 6 wood, windows.

APP # 20.0201 BH   42-44 Garden Street: Grind and repoint masonry in kind, spot repointing as necessary, rebuilding portion of brick wall on second level that is currently failing, replace one window sill in kind, replace window trim in kind, restore front entry lintel.

APP # 20.0202 BH  60 Joy Street: At front façade masonry repointing, repair spalled brick. Repair deteriorated stone elements, sand and repair metal lintels in kind.

APP # 20.0203 BH  58 Pinckney Steet: At rear façade, level two replace non-original 24-light arched window and one center transom window in kind, at front façade level two, replace one, 6 over 6, non-historic, wood window in kind.

APP # 20.0203 BH  69 Pinckney Steet: At front façade level 4 and 5, replace 6 non-historic 2 over 2 wood windows with like replacements.

APP # 20.0204 BH  34 River Street : At front façade cut and repoint façade in kind.

APP # 20.0205 BH  41 South Russell Street: Repair or replace headers and sills, repoint brick to match existing. 

•Ratification of 8/20/2020 Public Hearing Minutes

• Staff Updates

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