COVID Is the Leading Killer of First Responders

Recently-revealed statistics have brought into sharp focus the deadly and tragic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic upon our nation’s police and firefighters.

At least 101 police officers have died from Covid-19, and it is estimated that this figure represents only half of the Covid-19 deaths among police officers. This compares to 70 officers who have died in the line of duty from accidents and felonious attacks.

For firefighters, deaths from Covid-19 likewise have exceeded fatalities from other service-related causes.

These statistics clearly demonstrate that our public safety personnel put their lives and health on the line just by showing up for their jobs. They do not have the luxury of working remotely from the comfort of their home, as so many of us are able to do these days.

The work of first responders always has been difficult enough, but the added layer of the risks posed by Covid-19 has increased their line-of-duty danger exponentially — and makes us even more grateful for the job they do in our communities each and every day, 24/7/365.

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