Fitness Class Pays Tribute to the Late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was not just an American icon but also a surprising fitness icon.  Well into her 80s, she helped to reshape what exercise can look like for many older adults.  Cindy Sullivan, a senior fitness specialist who lives and teaches on Beacon Hill, was looking for a way to honor her idol, so on Wednesday, Oct. 7, at 9 a.m., she will offer a free, 30-minute, Ruth Bader Ginsberg-inspired workout class on Zoom. 

The special class will start with a five-minute warm-up and light stretches followed by strength training, then another round of stretches to cool down. It will also incorporate balance from the official RGB Workout book, moves that Ginsberg has been doing with her trainer since 1999.   To learn more about the free class, or to register for the Zoom link email Cindy Sullivan at [email protected].

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