EA Seeks Resident Input on Public-Park Usage

The Esplanade Association is asking people to take approximately 10 minutes to complete a survey to help them better understand usage of Downtown Boston’s public parks.

“The last time we did a major survey like this was over 10 years ago,” Michael Nichols, executive director of the nonprofit, said Monday. “We’ve received around 600 completed surveys in two weeks, so we’re pretty excited about the early results. Thus far, it’s been great to see people from across all age groups and residential areas taking the survey, although only about 20 percent [of respondents] have come from Beacon Hill or Back Bay.”

The survey takes “a modern look at how people use the parks,” Nichols said, and also aims to identify trends in usage of the Esplanade and other public parks in Downtown Boston, while participants in the survey are automatically entered into a raffle for a $100 Wayfair gift card as an added incentive.

Among the surprising findings from survey feedback so far, Nichols said, has been the high number of respondents who said they visited the Esplanade 20 or more times a year.

“The park was certainly well used and well loved before [the pandemic],” he said, “but I think what we’re seeing in the survey results is just how essential the park has been for so many people this year and how many people are using it now.”

Moreover, Nichols said, “We want to encourage everyone to take the survey and provide us with thoughts on how we can make the Esplanade experience better.”

Take the Esplanade Usage Survey today at https://tinyurl.com/EsplanadeUsageSurvey.

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