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Our latest edition of the Neighborhood Guide was mailed to all members and businesses recently. In addition to being a Beacon Hill business directory, the Guide is packed with useful information for Beacon Hill residents. If you’d like to receive a copy, please contact our office at 617-227-1922.

Join a BHCA Committee!

The Beacon Hill Civic Association has various committees that focus on a targeted range of issues and initiatives aligning with the BHCA’s mission of Community Building, Civic Engagement, and Historic Preservation. Committee chairs are board members who volunteer their time and share their expertise to implement plans that relate to the goals of the organization for the good of our neighborhood. The BHCA encourages interested neighbors to become members of the BHCA and to join any of our Committees that match your interests.

BHCA’s Zoning & Licensing Committee

The Beacon Hill Civic Association seeks to preserve and enhance Beacon Hill as an economically mixed residential neighborhood served by the designated commercial areas on Charles and Cambridge Streets. Preservation of the neighborhood as one suitable for persons and families who reside on Beacon Hill is its principal objective.

The mission of the Zoning and Licensing Committee (ZLC) is to help in that process by assisting property owners who desire to make changes to their properties that require variances from the Boston Zoning Code. Such owners and their representatives are asked to appear at a ZLC meeting, where they are given the opportunity to describe their projects and rationales for requesting variances and, in turn, receive input and insight from the community.

The ZLC reviews requests by local restaurants and merchants for liquor licenses in a similar manner to the review of zoning variances. It encourages the location of varied permitted business and retail uses in the designated traditional commercial locations on Charles and Cambridge streets.

ZLC may act when it believes requested zoning or licensing changes may adversely affect all or a significant portion of the Beacon Hill community either directly or through the precedential nature of the change. It may also act where the concern is expressed solely by affected neighbors.

The ZLC’s recommendations are subsequently presented to the Beacon Hill Civic Association directors for discussion. The board in turn communicates its decision to the Zoning Board of Appeal who has the authority to determine whether a variance is granted.

Tom Clemens and Katherine Judge are the co-chairs of the BHCA Zoning and Licensing Committee.

Upcoming Meetings & Special Events

Beacon Hill Meet & Greet (virtual) – Monday, February 1st, 6pm *

Zoning & Licensing (virtual) – Wednesday, February 3rd, 7pm *

Board of Directors (virtual) – Monday, February 8th, 7pm *

* Email [email protected] for joining instructions.

Become a member!

If you have yet to become a member of the BHCA, we invite you to join. By joining our membership, you strengthen our numbers and add credibility to our purpose as advocates for Beacon Hill. Most importantly, you join a community of residents, businesses, and volunteers who work to preserve this special neighborhood. Please visit or call the office at 617-227-1922 to become a member and get involved today! 

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