Beacon Hill Architectural Commission

Beacon Hill Architectural Commission will be holding a zoom meeting on Thursday, March 18 from 5-7 p.m.

To join with Google Meet:

To join by phone: (US) +1 575-914-2079 (PIN: 258076396)


1. Design Review

APP # 21.0682 BH 27 Brimmer Street (Continued From 2-18-2021 Hearing)

Proposed Work: Replace roof deck, remove and rebuild head house in a new location, new guardrails, and new skylight.

APP # 21.0722 BH 55 Chestnut Street

Proposed Work: At front façade, roof level install eight galvanized steel snow guards.

APP # 21.0723 BH 32 Derne Street

Proposed Work: New Pergola, New Fence, New Planters

 APP # 21.0727 BH 83 Charles Street

Proposed Work: New Signage, Remove awning at front façade.

2. Administrative Review/Approval

APP # 21.0724 BH 69 Charles Street: Repaint storefront trim in kind BM (Black) HC-180.

APP # 21.0725 BH 10 Otis Place: At rear façade, facing Storrow Drive, level 2, replace nine, 6 over 6, wood window sash sets and two, 8 over 8, wood window sash sets with nine, 6 over 6, wood sash sets and two, 8 over 8, wood window sash sets. Existing windows are not historic.

APP # 21.0726 BH 133 Mount Vernon Street: Repoint rear façade in kind.

3.  Ratification Of 2/18/2021 Public Hearing Minutes

 4. Staff Updates

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