City Resumes Ticketing and Towing for Parking Violations

On Tuesday, April 20, the City of Boston resumed ticketing and towing for parking violations that have been forgiven since the onset of the pandemic.

Beginning last March, the Boston Transportation Department hasn’t ticketed or towed vehicles parked in spaces reserved for street cleaning, as well as for spaces reserved for vehicles with appropriate resident parking stickers.

“We are grateful that the City of Boston was able to provide extra support to residents and healthcare workers during this unprecedented time,” said Commissioner Greg Rooney in a press release. “Residents should be advised that we are beginning to return to normal operations and they should follow all posted parking regulations.”

“As we continue to plan our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, I am grateful to all of our residents for their cooperation in following our parking enforcement,” said acting Mayor Kim Janey in press release. “As warmer weather comes, it’s important that we take the necessary steps to keep our streets clean.”

April 20 also marked the end of the city’s ticket amnesty program for healthcare workers whereby they could have non-public safety violations dismissed upon appeal if the ticket was received while working.

The intent of the program, which also took effect at the beginning of the pandemic, was “to assist local healthcare workers as they dealt with the public health emergency,” according to the city.

Meanwhile, the BTD won’t be ticketing residents with expired parking tickets until May 31.

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