Charles Street Supply to Host Spring Eternal Kick-Off Event

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Beacon Hill’s first annual neighborhood Spring Eternal event schedule to start on Saturday May 22 and designed to support small business is pleased to announce that Darrell Byers, CEO of Interise will be joining Boston City Councilor, Kenzie Bok and State Representative Jay Livingstone to help kick off the neighborhood’s salute to small business.

In addition, attendees will include Stacy Sheehan, President of the Beacon Hill Business Association, Patricia Tully Executive Director of the Beacon Hill Civic Association, Frank Meade of the Beacon Village and representatives from The Advent School and Park Street School.  All will be on hand at 12 noon in front of Charles Street Supply Hardware Store as hosts of Jack and Cassie Gurnon. 

“Cassie and I are so excited to be a part of the Spring Eternal Event organized by the Beacon Hill business community and to welcome everyone to our beautiful neighborhood! I think my family being part of the Beacon Hill community for the last 75 years has shown me how giving, kind, caring and loyal the residents of the hill have been towards the local business community and how diligent and resilient our shops have been in return. After this past year it is wonderful to see life “coming around “and people out walking and shopping again. Really looking forward to the Spring Eternal Event and hope to see all our neighbors and friends”.–Jack Gurnon

Kenzie Bok, representing District 8 which includes Beacon Hill, has been on the job since January 2020.  PBS Boston affiliate, WGBH, described Bok as an “affordable housing expert and community leader. She is a summa cum laude graduate of Harvard University, sits on boards dedicated to justice and housing and is ever present in those communities she serves.  In her short term in office she has been an indefatigable supporter of each and every district she represents, and Beacon Hill is very grateful for her support of small business in this neighborhood.

Jay Livingstone has served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives since July 2013. He was sworn in July 17, 2013. He has since won re-election in 2014, 2016, and 2018. Jay was educated in North Attleboro’s public schools and worked as a cashier at the town pharmacy while in high school. He was a union factory worker while attending UConn, where he majored in political science and history and graduated with honors. He attended George Washington School of Law and graduated with high honors. His early background working in a small business while in highschool has led to his work for employee rights and a keen understanding of how small business works. He has already done wonders for this community and Beacon Hill is fortunate to have Mr. Livingstone join the event on May 22nd.

Darrell Byers, CEO of Interise, is a Boston resident and has been a long time visitor and friend of Beacon Hill.  Formerly holding leadership roles at WGBH and other prestigious firms he has found a home at Interise.  Interise is a non-profit that seeks to provide educational programs to small businesses. Mr. Byers was once a small business owner himself and can easily identify with the trials and challenges of running one.  Now at Interise he and his firm are dedicated to helping-minority owned small businesses or businesses located in low to moderate income neighborhoods to grow. The work of Interise has been particularly important to many small businesses during the pandemic. 

All will be addressing the importance of the small mom and pop businesses that are the heartbeat of this community and provide the engine of a healthy economy.  The pandemic has ravaged this community.  The neighborhood has lost many businesses. Many that remain still struggle. Kenzie Bok, Jay Livingstone, Darrell Byers and our local leaders are all public servants. Their time devoted to the Spring Eternal event is much appreciated by all businesses and residents.  After the presentations everyone will be encouraged to participate in the Beacon Hill Spring Stroll and roam to their own delight in store after store with a chance to win fabulous prizes.

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