Charles St. Groundwater Observation Well Installed

The Boston Groundwater Trust (BGwT) recently installed a new groundwater-observation well along Charles Street near Tatte Bakery & Café (70 Charles St.).

This was one of new 21 new observation wells included in the latest round of installations citywide, which brings the total number to around to 800, said

Christian Simonelli, executive director of the BGwT.

The new well on Charles Street brings the total number throughout the Flat (land-filled area) of Beacon Hill to 42, said Simonelli, and is intended to “fill in the gaps on Charles Street and lower Beacon Hill, which are sort of a missing tooth, so to speak.”

The BGwT had originally planned on installing two new wells on Charles Street, said Simonelli, but “dig-safe markings indicated utility interference for the second location.”

Of Beacon Hill, Simonelli said, “We have adequate coverage and are trying fill in the remaining gaps where we can.”

Rob Whitney, co-chair of the Boston Groundwater Trust, as well as chair of the Beacon Hill Civic Association board, wrote: “It is great news that new groundwater monitoring wells are being installed on Charles Street. It is vitally important that the groundwater levels below Charles Street and other low-lying areas of Beacon Hill remain high so that the timber pilings below many of our residential and commercial buildings remain strong and do not rot and become unstable. These new observation wells will help us to better monitor the groundwater levels throughout the neighborhood to keep our buildings and our residents safe.”

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