‘Get in the Spirit’ Fall Campaign Finds a Helper

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The Beacon Hill “Get in the Spirit” October fundraiser for The Jimmy Fund owes a deep debt of gratitude to the 67 businesses who, despite challenges of their own, have stepped up to support one of New England’s cherished charities.  There have also been many individuals behind the scenes who make the organization of such a complex undertaking from conception to execution to completion possible.

We all salute one individual in particular, the Sales and Marketing Manager of Upstairs Downstairs Home, Mary Jo Rufo.  Throughout these hectic days of unending duties, deliveries and deadlines it has been…Rufo to the Rescue!! 

Despite an exhausting working schedule during the day, Mary has found time to create and design a wonderful poster for the project (below), has created a survey for the 67 businesses to encourage all to participate in a Halloween Costume photo-op, and has assisted in every aspect of the project and has done so with great cheer and the can-do attitude with immediate results she is well known for.

Mary’s work and dedication on behalf of The Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber has deep roots. Her father was treated for his Stage 4 cancer at Dana Farber years ago when she was in high school.

“It was a scary time for my family, and I am so thankful to the many doctors, nurses, and staff at Dana Farber that helped my dad into remission. He’s cancer free today. I’m so pleased to be part of the “Get In The Spirit” campaign and to be able to work alongside all the generous Beacon Hill businesses whose donations can help give other families and children the same support and care we received,” says Mary.

“Yes, as the movie title once said, “There is Something About Mary’ –  something very special indeed and much appreciated,”  says Event Coordinator, Mark Duffield.

Mary is a native Newton, Mass.,  but left for warmer weather to South Carolina for college, where she attended Coastal Carolina University, graduating in 2019 with a double- major in Business Management and Business Marketing.

This achievement has certainly come in handy not only for “Get in the Spirit,” but as in her manager role at Upstairs Downstairs Home where she started as a weekend employee.  In addition, and so helpful to the project is that she also has a background in fundraising when she volunteered in college for Girls on the Run.

If, as is hoped, the “Get in the Spirit” campaign is successful it will be because so many wonderful and generous businesses have dedicated themselves to participate by each raising $100 each for the month of October and as reliably as ever in helping to guide the process it will be the indefatigable…Rufo to the Rescue!

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