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Holiday Deorating Is Back!

Come join the fun with the Beacon Hill Civic Association to decorate the neighborhood for the holidays!

You can help in 3 ways:

1. Sponsor a Pole!

 Take a photo of the QR code (right) or call the BHCA at 617-227-1922 to find out how to sponsor a pole.

2. Volunteer!

You can sign-up online here: or call the BHCA office.

3. Decorate!

Garlands and bows can be picked up (December 4th and 5th) at the West End Public Library parking lot (151 Cambridge Street next to Otis House). If you would prefer to have them delivered to your block, please call the BHCA office to coordinate before December 3rd.

Official Gas Lamp Wrapping Technique

1. Make sure the cedar needles are pointing UPWARD.

2. ATTACH THE GARLAND TO THE TOP OF THE POLE. Hold the wires and pull the top of the garland tightly against the nibs sticking out at the top of the pole. Twist wires TIGHTLY around the nib a few times. Make sure the garland is tight against the pole. If it is loose or dangling, undo wires & try again.

3. WRAP the garland around the pole, COUNTER CLOCKWISE (as viewed by a bird flying over). Adjust the wrapping so the end of the garland is at the bottom of the smooth part of the pole. Go behind any signs that may be on the lamp post, so the signs are still visible.

4. SECURE THE BOTTOM OF THE GARLAND TIGHTLY. This is the critical part. Have your helper hold the garland tight against the pole. Pull the 2 ends of the wire tightly around the pole towards each other and twist the wires together once while pushing the garland against the pole. If the twist is not very tight against the pole and the garland secure, untwist and try again pulling harder and pressing the garland tighter against the pole. If the twist is a good one, twist the wires just a few more times and then curl up the wire ends.

5. ATTACH 2 BOWS AT THE TOP. Align the bows so pedestrians see the bows facing them as they walk down the sidewalk. Position the bow under the nib that sticks out, pull the wires up so the bow is tight against the nib and twist the wires tightly against the nib. Twist a few times and scrunch the wires behind the bow. Adjust bow.

Helpful Hints

•  Work as a team of 2 or 3.

• Hold the ladder, be careful on hills.

• Put debris in the bow bag.

• Do not cover signs and do not decorate poles with red fire boxes!

• Use extra wire only if garland repairs are needed.

• If you have pliers you can use them to tighten the bottom twist.

• Don’t trim bottom wires or twist them more than 3-5 times. As the garlands shrink they loosen. Bottom wires may need to be unfastened and twisted tighter.

• Keep an eye on the poles during the holiday season. If you spot unwrapping garlands, please unfasten the bottom, re-wrap and fasten securely.

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