BHAC Unanimously Approves Outdoor Signage for Future Business at 131 Charles St.

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission unanimously approved an application for new outdoor signage for a business at 131 Charles St. during its Jan. 20 public hearing, which was held virtually.

The double-faced hanging sign, measuring 49-by-18 inches, would  be made of wood and painted black, and have the business name – Carolyn Thayer Interiors – emblazoned in 23K gold-leaf lettering, according to Carolyn Thayer, the applicant.

An existing bracket would be used to hand the approved sign, and as a proviso of the commission’s determination, the applicant agreed to provide information on the sign hardware to BHAC staff, Nick Armata.

In another matter, the commission voted unanimously to ratify unapproved signage at Rouvalis Flowers & Gardens at 40 West Cedar St.

The applicant and business owner, Sean Murphy, said he intends to remove the three wood panels above the awning that comprise the sign, and to re-stencil and repaint the panels before putting them back in place. (The center panel reads “Rouvalis” next to the company logo, while the panel to its left reads “Flowers” and the one to its right reads “Gardens”; all three panels have dark lettering on a white background.) The font would also be changed from the previous sign, added Murphy, and the new sign, like the old one, would be affixed to wood fascia, as opposed to the masonry, using six screws. As a proviso for this application, the applicant agreed to submit shop drawings to staff, which would clearly show how the sign would be affixed to the building.

On an application for 35 Pinckney St. to replace multiple windows on the third and fourth levels of both the building’s front and back facades, the commission voted unanimously for a continuance to allow Armata time to visit the site and review the condition of the windows.

The commission also unanimously approved an application to replace or restore all the windows on the front and rear facades of 7 Louisburg Square, with provisos that proposed changes to the front façade of a fifth-floor dormer be tabled until a future application; that two original fourth-floor windows on the front façade be restored; and that window grates at the basement level be retained.  On the same application, the commission also agreed to grant the applicant’s request to move one original window sash to another room containing an original sash, so both original sashes could be together in the same room.

In another matter, the commission unanimously approved an application to repaint the front door at 68 Chestnut St., with the proviso that the applicant work with staff to find a paint color that would contrast more with the paint on the surrounding woodwork in the entryway than the proposed Anchor Gray.

A violation for the ratification of an unapproved window replacement at 29 Pinckney St. was listed on the agenda, but not heard after the applicant failed to appear before the commission for the third time.

Another violation for the ratification of unapproved intercom system at 24 Phillips St. also appeared on the agenda, but the applicant agreed to come before the commission next month instead due to a scheduling conflict.

Furthermore, an application for a new roofdeck and head-house at 67 Revere St. originally scheduled for the hearing was determined by staff to be exempt from review.

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