Raffle Supports Beacon Hill’s Local Businesses

Special to the Times

The Beacon Hill cycling community has launched the #IBikeIBuyCharlesSt raffle to help drive more patrons to local businesses.

Until Feb. 22, people from across Greater Boston who bike to a local business on Charles Street and post about it on social media will be entered into a raffle for a free gift card to a Beacon Hill business.

Matthew, who entered the #IBikeIBuyCharlesSt raffle.

“I picked up some odds and ends from Charles Street Supply on my way in to work last week, and I traveled by bike,” says Matthew, one person who entered the raffle.

This raffle is in support of the Beacon Hill bike community’s efforts to ask the city to move forward with their plans for a two-way protected bike lane on Charles Street.

“I love all the shops and restaurants on Charles Street, but I wish I could get to them safely. I work in Beacon Hill and bike to work daily, but I go out of my way to avoid biking on Charles Street,” continued Matthew. “If I could get around safely on foot and on my bike, I’d be more likely to stick around after work and grab a bite” Instructions on how to enter are available at bit.ly/IBikeIBuyBCU (case sensitive). Beacon Hill residents can join the 130+ of their neighbors and the many local businesses on Charles Street who have signed a petition asking the city to install a bike lane on Charles Street at bostoncyclistsunion.org/charles.

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