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Two Flaws in this Logic

To the Editor,

I was dismayed to read the glib editorial on the “silver lining to inflation” that posits that it’s a good thing that “the direct and indirect effects of COVID-19 have the result of forcing Americans to cut back on our consumption of highly processed and junk foods”. Two flaws in this logic: Inflation is affecting all food prices, so more nutritious food is also getting more expensive and out of reach for the poor. The people that will be hardest hit by this (ie people on minimum wage or pensions) will probably shift to more shelf stable processed food in times of food insecurity, not less.

Thank you for reading,

Hanna Tukachinsky

Please Help

To the Editor,

Last year, a day before he left office, Mayor Walsh proclaimed March 26, 2021 to be Leonard Nimoy Day in Boston. The campaign to create a lasting Memorial to our Native Son born in the West End had already found a location at the Museum of Science. Together we worked with the sculptor David Phillips to create the model for a twenty-five foot stainless steel hand representing the Vulcan Salutation, which Nimoy had originated, and which became the universal gesture “Live Long and Prosper.”

After a good beginning with media publicity and hundreds of donations, the campaign slowed with the difficulties of the Pandemic. 

In any Grassroots campaign, the number of donors as well as the funds raised, makes an impression on the Foundations and Corporations who will ultimately make the project a success.

March 26, 2022 marks Leonard Nimoy’s ninety-first birthday and a year since the Mayor’s Proclamation.  

Many of you have already generously contributed to the Fund and have been counted as Donors.  Now I am asking you to forward this letter to a friend who may appreciate this undertaking,  and would like to take a part in it. If they choose, Donors can give anonymously as much or as little as three or five dollars in order to be counted.  Our goal is to increase by one hundred the number of donors. The link to the Museum is: mos.org/Nimoy. 

Thomas J. Stocker

Leonard Nimoy Memorial Fund

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