Dog Stolen Monday on Beacon Hill Recovered Safely in Mattapan

An 11-pound terrier mix was allegedly stolen on Monday, March 20, on Beacon Hill, only to be recovered safely in Mattapan by its owner hours later, according to published reports.

The approximately 9-year-old rescue dog obtained around five years ago from Puerto Rico, named Rose McNugget, was out for a walk when the dog walker, identified as Dominic Mariano, left her tied to a pole with two other dogs at about noon in the area of Mt. Vernon and Walnut streets.

Rose McNugget.

As he was retrieving another dog from its home, Mariano reportedly watched as two men jumped out of a blue Honda Civic and took only Rose McNugget, leaving the other two dogs untouched. The car sped off, and Rose McNugget’s Apple Airtag was found discarded on Beacon Street shortly thereafter.

In the immediate aftermath of Rose McNugget’s disappearance, the desperate owner, identified as Maura Howley, pasted fliers throughout the neighborhood pleading for the dog’s safe return, as well as posted about her disappearance on social media.

At about 7 p.m. that same night, Howley received a phone call from a man in Mattapan who said he had Rose McNugget safe inside his home. Howley immediately retrieved Rose McNugget, without incident and without involving police.

Boston Police are reportedly investigating the matter.

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