Public Restrooms Now Open on the Common

Special to Times

This summer, the Friends of the Public Garden are excited to again welcome back the public restrooms on Boston Common, this year featuring artwork from Artists for Humanities.

The restroom trailer is easily accessible for visitors to both Boston Common and the Public Garden. It is located along MacArthur Mall, halfway between the Charles/Beacon entrance to the Common and the mid-block crossing of Charles Street.

They will be open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. through the fall.

The restroom trailers feature: three women’s stalls and a sink; two men’s stalls, three urinals, and a sink; and one ADA restroom with one toilet, one urinal, and a sink;

A security person will be on site, in a kiosk next to the unit, during hours of operation.

The restrooms are cleaned every four hours while open.

The restroom trailer is a unique site for public art. For the 2023 season, the Friends are thrilled to partner with Artists for Humanity to feature the artwork of Angel Koirala in a special mural on the exterior. 

The title is ‘Heelo Fool,’ and in the words of the artist: “The word “Heelo” in my native tongue Nepalese, means mud.  The word “Fool” means flower. “Heelo Fool”is a personification of my challenges as an adolescent, “A flower blooming in the mud.”

The Friends wishes to thank the Harold Whitworth Pierce Charitable Trust for their generous gift to fund this program.

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