Sharon Durkan Earns Mayor Wu’s Endorsement

Sharon Durkan, a dedicated community activist, former political staffer for Mayor Wu and former Ward 5 Democratic Committee Chair, earned the endorsement of Mayor Michelle Wu in her campaign for the Boston City Council District 8 seat for the special municipal election on Tuesday, July 25th. The seat is currently vacant after former Councilor Kenzie Bok resigned to become the Boston Housing Authority Administrator.

District 8 City Council candidate Sharon Durkan (center) is seen with supporters, including Mayor Michelle
Wu, on Tuesday, June 13, in the Kelleher Rose Garden.

Drawing from her personal experience working closely with Sharon over many years, Mayor Wu expressed her strong support for Durkan, highlighting her advocacy for the community she serves. “Over many years, I’ve seen Sharon passionately champion the needs and concerns of our residents,” said Mayor Michelle Wu. “She has been a valued advisor, team member, and friend, who always leads with her heart and knows how to get things done. Sharon will hit the ground running, working towards building safer streets, affordable housing, and climate-resilient infrastructure, all while addressing the nuts-and-bolts, fundamental constituent service needs of our communities.”

Mayor Wu’s endorsement is a testament to Durkan’s ability to address the pressing issues facing District 8 and advocate on behalf of its residents.

“I am humbled and honored to earn the endorsement of Mayor Michelle Wu,” Durkan expressed.

“Mayor Wu is a champion for every neighborhood of Boston. When I first met with then-Councilor Wu many years ago, I was struck by our shared values and experiences. Her vision for Boston’s future inspires many Boston residents, including myself, to pursue a life of public service. Her knowledge of the city and our district provided me with invaluable insights into the needs and aspirations of our community. Having Mayor Wu’s support is special and meaningful to me, because we share a relentless commitment to every resident of our city.”

Durkan, an accomplished community organizer, has been actively involved in advancing bold leadership across the state. Durkan has worked tirelessly to transform our City’s leadership and win important progressive victories. Her experience as the former Ward 5 Democratic Committee Chair has equipped her with a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by residents in District 8. From May 2015 to May 2020, Durkan worked as then-Councilor Wu’s Finance and Committee Director, doing the political work necessary during campaign season and off-years to enable the grassroots momentum that made it possible to engage city residents in community work, and then moved on to work as Senator Ed Markey’s Massachusetts Finance Director. Durkan also was instrumental in the Mayor’s Inaugural Committee and in helping to facilitate political efforts since the Mayor’s election.

Mayor Wu’s endorsement further solidifies Sharon’s position as the best equipped candidate for the Boston City Council District 8 seat. This endorsement adds to endorsements by State Rep. Jay Livingstone, Former Councilor Kenzie Bok, State. Rep Aaron Michlewitz, State Sen. Lydia Edwards, Former Councilor Josh Zakim, Councilor Ruthzee Louijeune, State Sen. Liz Miranda, State Sen. Will Brownsberger, UNITEHere Local 26, Ward 5 Democratic Committee, and Ward 10 Democratic Committee.

To learn more about Sharon Durkan and her campaign, visit or connect with her on Twitter, or Instagram.

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