Jake (2011-2023)

By Mark Duffield

It is with great sadness we must report the passing of a beloved neighborhood dog, Jake.  Jake, a magnificent golden retriever and his constant companion, and loving caregiver, Rebecca Patchen, have been fixtures and cheerful ambassadors of friendliness and goodwill on Charles Street for many years. Jake loved affection and food. He loved stopping by to all his favorite places, for a good snack, belly rubs and praise. These trips down Charles Street, throughout Beacon Hill and beyond became known as Jake’s “treat trail.” He would approach anyone interested in giving him love, a kind word or a pat on the head. He always reciprocated with a warm and vigorous wag of his tail. Jake was always a calming force for people and loved that so many people, especially children, found happiness in a moment with him. He was a sweet gentleman. His favorite activity was swimming!!  There is not a body of water that got by Jake without his notice.  He would beam with great excitement at the sound of the gentle lapping of water caressing the shores of a lake or the approaching scent of salt air and the distant roar of ocean waves. Leaping and jumping into these waters and cavorting and swimming for hours on end was his great joy. So many of us who have owned dogs or who simply love dogs know the passing of these “family members” leave quite an empty hole in our lives. Beacon Hill and Charles Street is a unique place that has always treated dogs with the greatest love and respect.  Another reason to believe that where we live in harmony with our beloved pets is a special place indeed. Today we grieve the passing of one of our own…our wonderful neighborhood dog, Jake, and offer our support to Rebecca who so kindly shared his and her compassionate gifts with all of us.

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